Starting your blogging journey in 2020?

Starting a blog? Interesting choice of work.

I’m a software engineer, but when I saw the opportunities that blogs provide us with, in learning and sharing with people, I was fascinated beyond belief.

I started about 2 months ago. You can see me as a beginner myself. However, I think I have crossed the threshold where most people quit blogging.

When you start, you are always excited about the content you will write. You have expectations from your blog. In simple words, when I started I thought it was an easy job and I just have to write good content so people will read it. However, the truth is far from it.

I’m no expert, but I’m no beginner either. There are a few things I would like to focus on as a new blogger in 2020.

Keep in mind – Blog tips

  1. Post consistently. – Your blog needs to be active on a daily basis. Keep it updated and interesting with new pieces of content.
  2. Don’t give up after a month – Usually, after a month or so comes a point where 90% of people/bloggers give up. What happens is, your expectations are not met. You are not getting views even with quality content. Slowly, you start losing interest in blogging and stop providing the content. See, blogging won’t give you results miraculously. It’ll take time. Keep at it and time will see you through. Don’t have patience? Blogging isn’t for you then.

Keyword research

  1. Keyword research – Most newbies don’t know about this. In this age and day, keyword research plays the most important role in driving traffic to your blog. Use keywords that drive traffic. It’s a very detailed topic so better see it on Google. But, you’ll thank me later that at least I told you there’s something like this in the first place.
  2. SEO – Search Engine Optimization. You have to write blogs that can be ranked by search engines like Google, Bing, etc. I’ll recommend you look it up on the internet as well. Still, if you have doubts, ping me. I’ll help you out.
  3. Quality of the content – Of course. How good is your content actually will decide if a reader wants to read it or not? Your content should add value to a reader’s life. By value, I mean it should help them in some way or another. For example – your blog can be about teaching your users how to make android apps. So, you see, you are giving your readers valuable knowledge through your content.
  4. Hosting and domain – If you are blogging on your independent website. I’ll recommend you to choose a good domain name that reflects what your blog is about. Or something more like a business tagline. For eg – my blog is I take shots at different topics. By shots I mean articles. And yes, hosting. Since you are starting you need not worry about it. Just use any shared hosting platforms. I prefer Hostinger. You can always shift your website from one host to another so it’s not a big deal.


  1. Niche – Everywhere you read, people will be telling you to decide on a niche for your blog. And work on that particular niche. I would advise you to not do this. Since I started a few months back, I know. A niche is not important. Just write and explore what you actually love and are interested in. If you decide on it beforehand you are limiting your own choices. Later, however, you can always decide on a niche if you want. But if you are starting I’d recommend you to write on different topics and explore your interests.