Shots !!

Change is hard, but the only way forward

Human beings are so complex sometimes, I call them algorithms

Weak people hold on to the past, strong ones try to grab their future

People change, some for good some for bad

Wine gets better with age, humans necessarily do not .....

Loud is the cry for help, sitting in the corner you yelp "
Get out of the corner

Not yelp, but help...... yourself "

People enjoy seeing you miserable. You are also one of the people, get used to it “

life’s in shambles, still we gamble,
don’t know when we might lose someone,
just thinking about it my spine trembles “

there is no such thing as you or your. Only me & mine "

Expectations are a curse, have some and then none “

Time heals everything. And what it doesn't, you do "

You are not a disappointment. You just haven't started winning yet "

" The 'P' in POWER is actually an 'R' in disguise, if you look carefully. 'R' for responsibility "

" Rejection is not a wall but a door. Open it & move on "

" What's happiness? asked the boy about to jump off a building. God replied, "Turn back and find out" "

" I have no qualms with you, only myself "

" The only truth we want to accept is our own "

" Perfection doesn't exist, realization does "

" We are not out time. No. It's just that we are full of excuses "

" There is no such thing as positive criticism. It's just 'criticism'. Learn to live with it.

" Hard work might or might not pay off, but 'work' always does. So keep working.

" The day you lose your self-respect is the day you actually gain it "