Shots !!

Loud is the cry for help, sitting in the corner you yelp "
Get out of the corner

Not yelp, but help...... yourself "

People enjoy seeing you miserable. You are also one of the people, get used to it “

life’s in shambles, still we gamble,
don’t know when we might lose someone,
just thinking about it my spine trembles “

there is no such thing as you or your. Only me & mine "

Expectations are a curse, have some and then none “

Time heals everything. And what it doesn't, you do "

You are not a disappointment. You just haven't started winning yet "

" The 'P' in POWER is actually an 'R' in disguise, if you look carefully. 'R' for responsibility "

" Rejection is not a wall but a door. Open it & move on "

" What's happiness? asked the boy about to jump off a building. God replied, "Turn back and find out" "

" I have no qualms with you, only myself "

" The only truth we want to accept is our own "

" Perfection doesn't exist, realization does "

" We are not out time. No. It's just that we are full of excuses "

" There is no such thing as positive criticism. It's just 'criticism'. Learn to live with it.

" Hard work might or might not pay off, but 'work' always does. So keep working.

" The day you lose your self-respect is the day you actually gain it "