Social Anxiety … fabricated, or is it??

Do you feel anxious while going out? Are you socially awkward? Is there such a thing or it’s all in your mind? Welcome back, after so long I have finally decided to start writing again and the first thing that comes to my mind is the world ‘Social’. Stay tuned and read it out. Please … Read more



. Our life is solely based on regrets. However, regret is not a stand-alone feeling. It’s a reciprocating effect. It comes hand in hand with one of the more complex emotions. ‘Desire’. In layman’s terms, if you don’t have a desire for it, you won’t have regrets for it. Pretty simple, right?

Crypto 1.1 What you need to know?

Cryptocurrency guru

The hype is real. Every day you hear about Bitcoin, Etherium, and many more. Do you wonder what are these? Why is everyone talking about it? It becomes even more difficult for people with non-tech backgrounds. Well, not to worry, you are at the right place. This blog will help kickstart your crypto journey!!

Just because you are right, doesn’t mean I’m wrong.

Who is right and who is wrong?

Read on   What right or wrong am I talking about here? Let’s find out. There are two ways of doing things in this world. Or let’s say everything is generally classified into two, right or wrong, irrespective of what that thing is. It can be your way of thinking, how you walk, how … Read more

Does hard work pay off?

Working hard

Read on “Work hard or you’ll end up a failure”, a mom teaches her son. “Work hard or you won’t get paid”, a boss yells at his employee. I should work hard! but why? Is it enough? Are we only born on this earth to work our asses off and die? I don’t think … Read more

I don’t drink & smoke

Drinking & smoking

Read on Consumption of alcohol & smoking. Although I find it very demeaning to consume such things, I don’t judge people who do either. It’s their life, they are allowed to live it as they want. I am no one to tell them what to eat or drink. It’s become quite a common trend … Read more

Starting your blogging journey in 2020?

Blog 2020

Read on Starting a blog? Interesting choice of work. I’m a software engineer, but when I saw the opportunities that blogs provide us with, in learning and sharing with people, I was fascinated beyond belief. I started about 2 months ago. You can see me as a beginner myself. However, I think I have … Read more

I want to be successful but I’m lazy


Read on It’s me. Totally me. There are millions of others like me. We want success but we are too lazy to do anything. Laziness has become us. Relatable, right? But how are these successful people different from us? Are they different though? So why are we not them? Let’s take this shot and … Read more

What is said vs What is done…


Read on We live in a world with 7 billion people and 14 billion faces. Simply put, everyone is a hypocrite. Now, what is being a hypocrite? You know what I’m getting at. 7 billion people and 14 billion faces. A very common phrase everyone has heard. But what it reflects about our society … Read more

The day I grew up. Or did I?

grow up

Read on Ever since I came to my senses, I’ve been hearing, “grow up you fool” on a daily basis. Sometimes it comes to my family’s behest. The other, it comes from my friends or acquaintances. See what I did there? ‘FRIENDS’. In bold, highlighted. I guess this word plays a major role as … Read more