MEDIA — a double-edged sword / SHOT

Media. The word resonates with mainly 3 meanings. — Magazines, newspapers, etc. Broadcasting — Television, radio, movies. — Social networking sites, podcasts, etc.

However, as a guy living in the 21st century, when I hear the word ‘media’, 2 things pop up in my mind. (1) News (2) Social. Why these two? Why one alone has more impact than all of the other combined? Let’s take this shot & find out.

Just like a coin, it has two faces. By ‘it’ I’m referring to media.

It gives us the opportunity to present our thoughts to the world. At the same time, can be misused to spread fake information. It provides a small business to advertise to the right audience, whereas also used to spread hate and ill towards different religious communities.

Media’s the most powerful weapon after a nuclear bomb to ever exist. It has the potential to change societies, civilizations & start revolutions.

Social media & news, as a whole, have immense untapped potential to change the ways of the world. Instead, we are only using it for political and personal gains. From a child who has a Facebook account to a celebrity who is stuck in a scandal, everyone is a slave. The media is a judge, who governs us all.

In the coming decades ‘MEDIA’ will decide how we live our lives.

Taking this shot I found out that this immeasurable potential of media, can or cannot be a curse for us depending on how we use it. A sword needs to be sheathed from time to time, especially a double-edged sword.

Time will tell.